The Future of Cash is Here

Faster than Cards. Better than Cash. No cash, No stress. Scan. Pay. Meuvve and stop wasting your time just to pay for goods & services.

What is Loosechange?

Loosechange offers a safe, modern and easy way to transact with just your mobile phone. With Loosechange, you can send, receive, spend, and share money with your phone number - with or without the internet.

What Can You Do
with Loosechange? 

Spend Money

Pay for your favorite products and services in outlets around you with ease. Never a day in your life worry about declined payments.

Share Funds

Share funds with anyone for free.

Receive Money

Receive payments from anyone instantly without stress or hassles.

Share Bills

Pay bills and easily with friends and family.

Just You and Your Mobile Phone

Loosechange is the only wallet you'll ever need.

  • Faster than Cards. Better than Cash.
  • Secure and reliable.
  • Scan to make payments.
  • The new way to pay and get paid.

Why Loosechange?

For Businesses

A QR Code as Unique as You

Accept every kind of payment with Loosechange. All you need to do is to display your unique merchant QR code and enjoy instant payments

Faster Checkouts

Improve checkout time with a seamless and reliable payment system. You can receive instant payments from your customers in-store and online. Don’t keep your customers waiting for too long just to make a payment. Keep them coming back to you.

Your Money
Made Mobile

Enjoy seamless transactions on-the-go with a mobile wallet like no other - Loosechange.

Instant Access

Start spending your funds the moment you recieve it. Pay other businesses with ease on Loosechange.

Get Loosechange Now

Join the squad and enjoy easy transactions with just a scan


Using Loosechange is ridiculously easy. All you have to do is download the Loosechange app, scan a merchant's QR code and pay.

Loosechange uses cutting-edge technology to secure your transactions and privacy.

Loosechange is very easy to use and works like a digital wallet - but even better. When you need to make a payment at your local store, you only need to scan a QR code and you are done.

Yes. You can receive money from your friends & family too free of charge.

Yes. You can send and receive money within Loosechange for free.

Simply download the Loosechange app, print and display your unique merchant QR code and voila you are good to go.